A Late Summer's Wedding

This lovely wedding was held at the couple's home and I have to say that it was one of the prettiest venues that I have had a chance to photograph.  Sheri and Keith made a striking couple as they said their vows overlooking the lake and their guests.  

With the children and new grand baby!

2017 Senior Girl

This is one gorgeous young lady!  This is not he first time I've photographed Chelsey.  She is a member of the Cascade Marching Band and I also photograph the band every year.  I photographed her at Cascade's Prom this last April.  It wasn't hard to get a good photo of her and she had prepared well for this session with ideas, outfits and of course, her horse!

Love the colors!

Loved the set up for this, it was perfect for her!

Engagement Session with Carissa, Ethan, and Remy

This lovely creature is letting you know that she's very proud that her humans are getting married in October! She'll show you more from their session as soon as she can... 

Picture Perfect


The late evening sun was gorgeous on Ethan on Carissa!  Many thanks to Bonnie Delk for letting me shoot in her beautiful yard!

Family Photography in the spring

This spring has been very trying for Family Sessions outdoors.  Yes, I've managed to produce beautiful images that my clients have been ecstatic over.  What has been so trying?  The wind!  This has been the windiest spring that I've seen in a long time.  What is so bad about a little wind?  Women and young ladies hair!  No Mom wants her images to have their hair flying all over their head.  She doesn't want to see her little girl with hair all across her face and in her eyes.  Who makes most of the decisions when pictures are chosen for purchase?  Mom.  Who do I want to make happy?  Mom!  

I've had to be creative with rescheduling, choosing session locations that are sheltered from the wind, and watching diligently to catch images with the hair laying in place.  Was every image perfect?  Of course not.  Were mothers understanding?  Yes very!  and I thank all of you for allowing me to be your photographer this spring!

Look at these images and see where I shot to be out of the wind...

A little windy here but blowing in the right direction

Bridal Boudoir

This beautiful young lady had a Bridal Boudoir session with me in April.  This was a special surprise gift for her groom on their wedding day.  We designed a special book, with "sayings" from her heart, and special images that we created in the studio.  I do not post most boudoir images on my site or on FB.  These are private and for the subject/and or couple only.  With Kristin's permission, she has allowed me to post this image after her wedding had already taken place and her groom had seen the book.  Thank you Kristin and I wish you many happy years of wedded bliss!

Levi's Smash Session

Levi turned One!  I love doing the Smash Sessions and coming up with new ideas to incorporate into the sets.  Pinterest is a great source for ideas as well as Etsy.  It's also nice to come up with my own simple design!

Black and White Photography

Don't you just love a black and white image?  The children were dressed all in white and had jet black hair.  This made a beautiful image with the contrast between light and dark.  Everyone should have one good image done in black and white.  To me, it goes with any decor and never looks dated...


I was very honored to be the photographer at a recent Baptism at the St. Williams Catholic Church in Shelbyville, TN.  Three adorable siblings were baptized.  This was my first time to photograph a baptism and I feel like I captured everything that the parents wanted...

Warm weather means outdoors!

Now that warm weather seems to be here to stay, I'm shooting more and more outdoor family sessions.  But with April and May come all of the rain and thunderstorms.  This family did not have to reschedule but it's always a wait and see as to what kind of weather we're going to wake up to.  I like to shoot in the late evening to get that soft natural light.  It's literally a countdown of the clock, waiting and watching to see if you're going to be at the right spot at the right time!  

This is such a nice shot and the area is almost always in shade.


This DreamCatcher is one of my newest props in the studio.  I made this myself and this is my first newborn to photograph using it.  I love it!  It is definitely a set that takes a lot of planning and extra hands to make sure baby is completely safe.  This is part photoshop.  The baby was never hanging in the air.  I never put a child/baby in danger for a photo.  Make sure that whoever does your photography always has your child's safety as their first priority!

What am I doing? Sometimes I just don't know...

I always wanted a home based, successful business...Dwane and I explored some options before we got married.  But we never dreamed it would be a photography business!    I didn't know I would get here from the path that I was put on, but here I am!  As some of you know, I had just gone into business when Victoria was in an accident.  I was never able to return to my job at the TN Fire and Codes Academy.  When we saw that I was going to be at home as Victoria's caregiver, I spent my nights on the computer doing an online class that I am still enrolled in.  I needed to earn an income.  

It took me three years to really start earning.  I put everything I made into equipment while I was getting the great tax credits the IRS gives during your start up years.  So now I am a full service studio, fully booked, and the first quarter of 2016 tripled from the first quarter of 2015.

I love what I do, love being at home, and look forward to more great sessions and events this year!

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From Adaley's Two Year Old Session

Modeling Headshots for Aurriana

I get a lot of calls for modeling headshots.  Why?  I've learned what most agencies want to see, I know studio lighting, I make the subject comfortable, and I'm not over the top expensive.  This young lady is an accomplished model/actress and knew her stuff.  She knew the poses and all I had to do was tweak and snap the shot.  Isn't she gorgeous? and she has the personality to match!

Her big, beautiful eyes just draw you in!



Where did February go?

February came and went.  I blinked and it was gone.  March is here and I will be another year older at the end of the month.  This year will be a 1/4 gone.  Time keeps ticking on.  I guess that's better than stopping completely.  We've just been so busy...

Valentine's Mini Sessions were great!  Here are some of the images for 2016, I'm looking forward to doing them again next year.

I've been adding a lot of new Newborn props and wraps, and shopping with new vendors.  My Maternity Sessions include a complimentary Newborn Session.  Come check out what I've been adding, look at my products, view my sample images, and tell me what you would like to do in your session.   Look at this beautiful image from a Newborn Session with Kennedy...

Finding Goodies...

You never know what you're going to find on Facebook...I had someone to had me to a Facebook group, which I usually hate, but this time it was to a group called Photographer Prop Sell and Swap .  Great listing of all kinds of great knitted, crocheted, handmade items.  The teddy and hat on the little boy below was purchased through one of the vendors.

January and February

These can be slow months for photographers, especially here in this part of the country when you just don't know what kind of weather you're going to have.  Last year with our snow and ice, things were extremely slow for me.  This year, I can not say that!  It is busy, busy!  I take January and February and paint, move around/rearrange, add props, order new items, and this year is no different, but I'm having to do it while I'm so busy.  So please excuse the mess!  The more props you have, the more storage space you need.  Now I need to repaint in the storage room, add shelving and totally redo that room.  I've already redone the room I shoot in, I just need to move things stop the storage room to declutter.  

I'm adding a lot of new kids props, clothing items, newborn wraps, hats, bows, etc.  Loving all the babies and children!  Check out some of the latest babies as I continue to update with the latest sessions.  I will also be adding new Maternity/Newborn/MommyandMe Plans in the coming months.