Business Headshots

Family Photography

I love it when a dad calls and wants to have photos with his grown children.  In this session the son is in training in the Air Force so couldn't be here for the photos.  But the two daughters and dad had a great time being together and making a family moment.  We'll get the son when he comes in for a visit.  Check out some of their photos below.  



When was the last time you had family photos made?  Isn't it about time to do them now?  Call for available appointments at 931-580-4071 and ask for Kerry.



Business Headshots

A big thanks to Mr. Townes for coming in today for headshots.  I love these quick sessions!  I try to make them simple, quick, and efficient so they can be in and out within 30 minutes and back to work.  Please leave a comment, like my images and subscribe!

Dan with Shepenco, Shelbyville, TN

Collaboration with Local Business

Joi de Vie in Shelbyville, a full service salon, has allowed me to display my business brochure in their salon.  I will be printing a large canvas of the ladies who work there, so drop by in the coming weeks and visit with these ladies, get your hair and nails done, a massage, facial, go shopping at the Boutique, check out their portrait and pick up one of my brochures!  Tell them you saw their business in my blog post...



New You, New Year, Time for New Business Portraits

How long has it been since you've updated your business marketing materials?  20 years, 30?  You may laugh, but I bet if you look at some of your local businesses, they are still using photos from 20 years ago.  We would all love to look like we did back when, but we can't.  Life move on and time moves on.  It's time to update.  It's Business Portrait time.  Come in and talk to me about updating your marketing materials.  Get new portraits.  A small portrait session for headshot to use in your business takes only minutes.  You get a full copyright release to use the images in your marketing.  

Check out some of the latest images below.  These were taken inside but when the weather changes, they can also be done outdoors or taken at your place of business.