Family Photographer

Family Photography

I love it when a dad calls and wants to have photos with his grown children.  In this session the son is in training in the Air Force so couldn't be here for the photos.  But the two daughters and dad had a great time being together and making a family moment.  We'll get the son when he comes in for a visit.  Check out some of their photos below.  



When was the last time you had family photos made?  Isn't it about time to do them now?  Call for available appointments at 931-580-4071 and ask for Kerry.



Busy September and October

It has been a while since I've updated but life has been so busy that I just have to prioritize and then step back and take a deep breath.  I have picked up several new sports leagues in the area and these take a to of time to edit and get orders processed and delivered.  Adding in families, newborns, going to Planet Fitness, doctors visits, etc., it's just hard to accomplish everything.  

I do want to post this beautiful photo of twenty-one day old Mr. Demmon.  Isn't he gorgeous?!

Beautiful family with four young men, such a lucky mom and dad!

Love this in black and white!

Love this in black and white!


The Nalleys

I drove to the beautiful city of McMinnville, TN to photograph this lovely family.  They chose some great sites to do their photos and we found a great place to eat BBQ.  Check out their images below!

Family Session in the Hollow

I love shooting at the George Dickel Distillery.  They have made multiple improvements to the grounds and I've always enjoyed any session that I've done there.  Still do.  But, our hot, dry, weather has caused the snakes to come out in abundance to get water from the stream that runs through the property.  I'm scared to take children, or adults, along the water because you are bound to see at least one snake and sometimes 3 or more.  And of course, little kids want to get down and run and play and I don't want to take the chance of them running up on a snake and getting bitten!

With Karen and her family, I went to one of my favorite spots on the property that gives you great contrast and color.  And no direct sun!

Senior Basketball Player

Austin is a senior at Community High School in Unionville, Tn. We were able to take photos inside the their new gym and then we moved onto the grounds of George Dickel, which is near my home. I've shot a lot of sessions near George Dickel but won't be going back until the weather cools off. Snakes are all along the creek bank, coming to the water since it has been so dry in our area. Austin had a great session and his prints turned out wonderfully and I was also able to create a custom Senior Book for he and his family.


Family with Twins

Cindy snd TJ have been truly blessed with beautiful children!  The twins are only 3 months old and little man is less than 2 years.  This is the second set of family photos that they have had taken with me and its s pleasure having such sweet repeat clients! 


Hot Family Session@World Outreach

It was hot on Saturday when I did a family session for George and Carisa DeShields. Their daughter, son-in-law, and new grandbaby were in from Florida. Parker is a doll! The hot, humid weather is rough on everyone's hair but that doesn't stop us from getting sweet pictures of those we love most! Thank you for allowing me to be your photographer. Check out George and Carisa's wedding photos under "Weddings". 


Parker and Granddad      

Parker and Granddad





Rescheduled from a windy day

We had to reschedule from a very windy day to one not so windy.  This is Danielle and her soon to be extended family.  Beautiful kids and a wonderful mom and dad, can't help but have a beautiful family portrait!

This was a combined Family and Engagement Session, wedding to follow soon!

Family Photography in the spring

This spring has been very trying for Family Sessions outdoors.  Yes, I've managed to produce beautiful images that my clients have been ecstatic over.  What has been so trying?  The wind!  This has been the windiest spring that I've seen in a long time.  What is so bad about a little wind?  Women and young ladies hair!  No Mom wants her images to have their hair flying all over their head.  She doesn't want to see her little girl with hair all across her face and in her eyes.  Who makes most of the decisions when pictures are chosen for purchase?  Mom.  Who do I want to make happy?  Mom!  

I've had to be creative with rescheduling, choosing session locations that are sheltered from the wind, and watching diligently to catch images with the hair laying in place.  Was every image perfect?  Of course not.  Were mothers understanding?  Yes very!  and I thank all of you for allowing me to be your photographer this spring!

Look at these images and see where I shot to be out of the wind...

A little windy here but blowing in the right direction

Warm weather means outdoors!

Now that warm weather seems to be here to stay, I'm shooting more and more outdoor family sessions.  But with April and May come all of the rain and thunderstorms.  This family did not have to reschedule but it's always a wait and see as to what kind of weather we're going to wake up to.  I like to shoot in the late evening to get that soft natural light.  It's literally a countdown of the clock, waiting and watching to see if you're going to be at the right spot at the right time!  

This is such a nice shot and the area is almost always in shade.

Mini Sessions

Every so often, I offer Mini Sessions.  Thirty minutes in length, images on a disk with copyright release, no clothing changes, basically only one setting.  You have the opportunity to purchase prints and other products but you're not under any obligation to do so.  If you're one of those people who has a husband that doesn't like his photo taken, children with a limited attention span, short on time, call me.  I'll schedule one of these sessions for you.

Below are some examples of a few Fall Mini Sessions...

New Website

Hi Everyone!

It has been a few months since I have posted to my blog but I am designing my new website.  It is enabled but not quite finished.  I would love some feedback!  Tell me what you think so far.  Do you like the layout, is it simple to navigate, anything you think I should change?

My old website will be going away.  I am not going to be moving all of the photos from the old site to the new site.  I'm trying to take the best images to show and starting fresh with the blog.  

It will take awhile to get all the images uploaded, so check back often and please leave a like or a comment, your input is really appreciated!